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MOTU 828 MKII Firewire Audio Interface

MOTU 828 MKII Firewire Audio Interface

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These audio interfaces are in perfect working order but one of the units has a dimmed menu that doesn't affect functionality at all. Like most used gear you will find a few scruffs but they always traveled in a professional road case (not included).

The MOTU 828 Mk II is a robust rack mountable audio interface that features two combination mic and instrument inputs, eight rear-mounted line level inputs and outputs, MIDI I/O, SPDIF digital and ADAT optical I/O, wordclock and SMPTE sync, and LED based metering. Computer connection is via Firewire 400.

  • 20 inputs & 22 outputs
  • Support for 96kHz via ADAT (S/MUX)
  • Sync includes Word Clock, ADAT Sync In and SMPTE I/O