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2 VUE Audiotechnik A-8 Speakers (Multiple Units Available)

2 VUE Audiotechnik A-8 Speakers (Multiple Units Available)

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These portable speakers are in perfect working order. Like most used gear you will find a few scruffs but the gear always traveled in a professional road case (not included). MULTIPLE UNITS AVAILABLE

The A-Class systems are ideal for working professionals seeking a better balance of performance, versatility and value. Benefiting from the same design principles behind VUE Audiotechnik’s flagship H-Class, A-Class models bring similar voicing characteristics to a broad range of sound reinforcement applications including houses of worship, theaters, auditoria and portable PA.

  • Main PA in medium-sized venues such as clubs, theaters, concert halls and houses of worship
  • Corporate AV and other voice reinforcement applications
  • Portable and installed AV systems
  • High SPL under balcony, stage lip, delay fill