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6 ROBE Tetra 1 LED Moving Lights

6 ROBE Tetra 1 LED Moving Lights

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These ROBE Tetra 1 LED moving lights are in perfect working order and in excellent cosmetic shape. They were constantly maintained by our certified technicians and they always traveled in a pro case. (LOT of 6 in Pelican Case)!

Generating an ultra-tight 4° beam from each of the 9 pixels, they combine to produce a bright, defined “sheet” of light, desired by Lighting Designers. Seamless curtains of light can be constructed using several fixtures as the compact, detailed design allows any combination of TETRA1 and TETRA2 to be placed end to end on stage or truss, whilst maintaining equal spacing between pixels.

  • Exclusive Robe patented MCFE™ – Multi-Coloured Flower Effect
  • Homogenised beams with a wash out to 45°, a footlight, a wall graze or dynamic in-air effects with fast paced sweeping movements
  • Smooth 11:1 zoom
  • L3™ (Low Light Linearity) dimming system for an imperceptible fade to black
  • 18-bit control provides ultra-smooth colour mixing across the full colour spectrum