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Crown Audio MA-5002VZ Macro-Tech Amplifier (Multiple Units Available)

Crown Audio MA-5002VZ Macro-Tech Amplifier (Multiple Units Available)

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This amplifier is in perfect working order. Like most used gear you will find a few scruffs but it always traveled in a professional road case (not included). MULTIPLE UNITS AVAILABLE

The Crown Audio MA-5002VZ Macro-Tech Amplifier offers sonic accuracy without compromise. The Macro-Tech series of amps are known for their solid low end, crisp highs and precise mid-range. This high-power amp produces 1300W per channel @ 8 Ohms with Crown's Grounded Bridge for ultra-low distortion. Crown uses Patented Output Device Emulation Protection (ODEP) to keep your amp working under adverse condition with PIPTM modules available.

  • Crown uses Grounded Bridge circuitry for ultra-low distortion
  • Level controls are detented for precision control
  • Onboard compressor prevents clipping while Loudspeaker Speaker Integration (LOI) protects woofers and tweeters
  • This amp is approved for use in THX installations