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ETC EOS 8000 Lighting Console (in Original Case)

ETC EOS 8000 Lighting Console (in Original Case)

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This classic lighting console is in perfect working order, like most used gear you will find a few minor scruffs but it was constantly maintained by our in-house certified technicians and it always traveled in a professional road case (included).

The EOS 8000 is designed from conception as a fully integrated controller for conventional lights and multiparameter devices (for example: moving lights, color scrollers, gobo wheels). Attention to detail across all areas of the system design and architecture allows you the utmost flexibility and customization of use. Eos allows designers and programmers to develop a mutual vocabulary for moving light control. This implementation of simple and uniform syntax for moving light control provides a solid foundation for both experienced and inexperienced moving light users. Integrated LCD touchscreens are customizable to each user’s preference.

  • 8192 outputs/parameters
  • 5000 control channels
  • 12 Discrete Users
  • Master
    playback pair with motorized 100mm faders (ten 100mm motorized faders x
    100 pages for configurable faders, submasters, masters and grandmaster