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Pioneer DJM-2000 Professional 4Ch DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-2000 Professional 4Ch DJ Mixer

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This DJ mixer is in perfect working order. Like most used gear you will find a few scruffs but it always traveled in a professional road case (included).

Designed with an integrated system approach to simplify the ever-expanding DJ booth, the DJM-2000 has the effects technology of the EFX-1000 built in. The 6 individual effects processors allow you to create your own unique sounds in conjunction with a stunning industry-first multi-touch panel: a completely new approach to mixing.

  • Industry-first 5.8" full color multi-touch display
  • Internal USB audio interface
  • Pro DJ link that connects up to four CDJ-2000/900s
  • Manipulate frequencies and alter sounds with EVOLVED BEAT EFFECTS and INST FX (Instant Instrument Effect) allows effects to be applied intuitively with a turn of the knob